About Me

I am a UK-based Pakistani social entrepreneur, investor and author with a strong conviction to bring a positive change in the society through entrepreneurship business and trade. It is my belief and a personal commitment to better the lives of the residents in Pakistan,UK and beyond through forward-thinking business models and in the past 10 years I, with my partners have created 11 leading businesses globally that may be very diverse in nature but they all have one underlying factor – create a strong social impact.

My company SEED http://www.seedventures.org/, that I have co-founded with my business partner and friend Khusro Ansari has a very clear mandate – develop the business acumen and the entrepreneurial landscape of Pakistan, and bridge the gaps between public and private sectors and between nations. This is evident from our various businesses and initiatives in the field of of media, socio-economic development, heritage preservation, education, art, entrepreneurship, trade promotion and urban development, to name a few.  I firmly believe that inspiring and mentoring the young generation to be the change agents themselves is the key to revolutionizing the social and economic setup. Everything is possible with intent, idea and people, provided that there is a will to make things happen.

My work experience may be with different global organisations, each representing a different country, but all are pivoted to one agenda – best practices for regional and economic development.  SEED is a social entrepreneurial venture, the first of this nature in UK and Pakistan that actively promotes, supports and fosters entrepreneurship from grass-root, business schools and micro segments of the society. The primary focus is to help scale the existing sector of entrepreneurs working with local communities into new markets. Apart from the corporate brand and holdings company for socio-business ventures, SEED is also a think tank for fostering entrepreneurship at micro, social and youth segments in the UK and South Asia, specifically in Pakistan and Oman.




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