Faraz Khan Speaks at OPEN London Conference at Imperial College

Sunday, 20th of October marked the launch of OPEN-London – a resounding success! 240 individuals came together to bring about an evolutionary leap for the London Chapter of OPEN-Global, a not-for-profit organisation, whose focus is promotion of entrepreneurship and professional growth. A secular and non-political organisation with prosperity and growth as its Raison d’être.

On day zero in June 2011, it was four near strangers at Smith and Nephew’s offices on Adam Street in London; this past weekend it was 240 representing technology, finance, social entrepreneurship and the healthcare sector. From industry leaders, rising stars, established, growing to wobbling entrepreneurs, a former prime minister to a Hollywood star, the entire spectrum was covered. Though LA, Washington DC, New York, Manchester, Bristol, Brighton, Birmingham, Canterbury were all represented, it was mostly a London affair.

Keynote speakers included Seema Aziz of Care Foundation, educating 150,000 children studying in 225 schools; former Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr Shaukat Aziz, Faraz Khan, CEO & Co-Founder SEED and Faran Tahir, of StarTrek, Elysium, Iron Man and most recently Escape Plan fame. There were four separate breakout sessions covering social entrepreneurship, technology, finance and healthcare with an equally impressive line up of panelists. The Alexander Fleming Building of Imperial College, London where the launch event was held, was a fitting venue for pioneers of sorts – named after an epic pioneer himself.

OPEN-London – to learn, share, connect, improve, seize and grow; individually, as a community in London and beyond.

To learn more about OPEN-London please visit the website on www.open-london.org and follow us on @Open_London.




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