FK Squared – The Revival of Reading and Writing!

Many ask how a publishing house claims to create a social impact. There is a difference between a socially responsible publishing house and one that brings a positive change in the society. While there have been ventures that have been around for decades, catering to different sets of readers and dealing in specific genres of books; FK Squared, the publishing house by SEED is set to revive the reading and writing culture in Pakistan and showcase local writers globally. The concept is simple yet has many aspects that might have been overlooked until now. The realization that almost in every other house, there exists a writer if not more, and many produce written content in some form or the other, regardless of age, or class; led to the beginning of a literary drive. Children, teenagers and adults, all want to be published if they find expression through writing. However, there was a dearth of opportunities to do so until recently.

2It was this thought that gave birth to the idea of a publishing house that would provide a platform to writers of all genres to get their work published either online or in print. We believe that creativity is strongly aligned with effective learning and thinking. In particular, if we want children to learn to cope with uncertainty, economic and technological changes; attention needs to be diverted to the potential of creativity. In an educational setting creativity is designed to bring new, different and unexpected responses to a situation and enhances fluency, flexibility and originality in students. Creative tasks motivate students to develop social and interpersonal skills.

FK Squared has a multi-fold approach to accomplish this mission: the first is to cater to a market of young readers in Pakistan by publishing books written by children for children. This objective will be achieved by providing an opportunity to young writers to have their work – both poetry and prose to be published.

The initiation of ‘Lailamah’s Story Writing Club’ is the second strategy that will further help this mission. The aim of this club is to give young children an opportunity to submit their work to be published online on FK Squared website.


FK Squared is also initiating a ‘Creative Writing Drive’ across Pakistan, starting from Karachi. The objective of this creative writing drive is to explore and encourage the literary talent present in children within the age bracket of 8 years to 16 years. The work submitted will be judged on the quality of the writing and the literary prowess these young writers have. The winners will be awarded with scholarships and the 50 best stories from the competition will be printed and published in the form of an anthology of short stories.

FK Squared has recently published four titles: Pukh Theory - Pakistan’s first business parable that brings to attention the power of succession planning in an enterprise; Midlife and Naked - a biography of two entrePakineurs and their ongoing journey laced with hurdles, success, failures, and the simple joys of life; The Hajj Journey of Lailamah Giselle Khan and The Euro Journey of Lailamah Giselle Khan - the first two of a series of travelogues by Pakistan’s youngest author. The books were also launched at Kinokuniya Bookstore, Dubai. There are a number of other interesting and diverse titles that will soon be published and range from fiction, books on management and poetry. FK Squared continues its mission to create an environment where literary activities are not just revived in children but all those with literary intent and expression, are given an opportunity to be published and read.

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