The Link Between Heritage Preservation and Social Enterprise

The idea for Reimagining Pakistan (RPK), a heritage preservation initiative by SEED sprouted from the passion we had for our heritage, specifically architectural heritage. To have a comprehensive approach and work simultaneously on restoration of dilapidated heritage sites of the country, documenting them, creating sustainability and awareness programmes made logical sense and appeased the emotional side of ours too, one that made us disappointed at the rapid detachment of people with the past and our origins. If we wanted this to turn into a movement, then this was the path to take; not leaving any aspect of heritage preservation unattended and creating an atmosphere along the way where throngs of people joined the brigade. What made even more logical sense was to turn it into a social enterprise. We have been asked numerous times why ‘Reimagining Pakistan’ could not be a not-for-profit organisation. The answer was simple. We wanted to scale it up so that it would give us the liberty to reinvest into far more wide-scale heritage projects that we could save from deterioration and destruction.

RPK COVERWe at SEED, have a simple modus operandi: we come across an idea or come up with an idea that has potential and has a social impact, we invest, we multiply/scale up! The more we escalate in number, projects or ventures with a social impact, the more people are positively impacted. This does not end here; we believe in making the community self-sufficient hence creating a cycle. Even more than that, we strive to encourage our youth to explore and discover their entrepreneurial streak, and encourage and promote them to broaden the entrepreneurial spectrum.

Reimagining Pakistan (RPK) is a social venture in the true sense and we envision a more culturally enriched, and architecturally and historically preserved heritage in the country as a result of this initiative. From an idea to reality, RPK has successfully managed to form strong ties with the architect and conservationists fraternity and has brought the public and private sector on the same platform. This in itself was no mean feat but one that was imperative if we wanted to create a massive impact. What started off in Karachi soon created a stir in other parts of the country where people from all sectors showed strong faith in the intentions and performance of Reimagining Pakistan and SEED. RPK now has interesting projects coming up in not just Karachi but also in Lahore. On the semi-urban and rural side, interior Sind and historically significant towns of Punjab are next on the agenda. From there Khyber Pakhtunkhwa must also be considered as a large part of it is covered with a lot of heritage buildings, all of which need to be listed or documented if not completely restored before a substantial part becomes prey to urbanization.

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