The Story Behind SEED Incubation Centre

The reality? There is no story behind it! There was a need and no solution, so it was no rocket science to initiate a project where aspiring entrepreneurs and startups could benefit from office space and facilities at subsidized rates. But the most important feature that makes us the first incubation centre here of its kind is the mentoring that is provided to the entrepreneurs.

We as a nation, are not only extremely resilient but very enterprising too. With time, we see a larger number of young people taking the road that was supposedly ‘less travelled’ till some time back. The entrepreneurial spirit is rapidly becoming more prominent. What was held back by inhibitions and myths, is now ready to take a plunge. However, these young enterprising individuals do need a direction and are often bound by the fear that they might be taking the wrong path rather than the conventional ‘applying for a job’ option. It is true that being unconventional in this regard is always risky. But with it, there are rewards once the venture takes off.


SEED Incubation Centre is a joint venture with fnck ventures and was launched on September 21, 2013, with Mr. Sarfaraz Rehman, CEO Engro Foods present there to support the initiative. With mentors who will provide their expert insight on developing business strategies via one-on-one meetings and email/Skype communication, it would be several steps forward in further developing the business acumen of  these enterprising minds. Mentoring will also include guest-speaker sessions with leading entrepreneurs and webinar coaching by specialists who will provide pro-bono tips.

Once a seedling has been appointed a mentor, they can ask specific questions and look for guidance regarding their business. Those with specific queries which are confidential in nature, pertaining mainly to business plans, can contact our in-house experts directly by emailing us on

The mentor panel is diverse, with mentors ranging from the UK, Australia, India, besides Pakistan and includes: myself, Khusro Ansari – Director & Co-Founder, SEED; Farhad Karamally – Trainer/Consultant; Nadeem Chawhan – Founding Director & CEO Navitus, Sarfarz Rehman – CEO Engro Foods; Kalsoom Lakhani – Founder/CEO Invest2Innovate; Tommy Hutchinson – Founder & CEO i-genius; Prajakt Raut – Vice President, Indian Angel Network and Founder, The Hub for Startups; and Kelly Anne Hutchinson – Director, Khonex.

SEED has the same ideology and method for this initiative as it has for many of its other, now strongly established ventures; start small, multiply, scale up! The idea behind it is to have a far better reach in as many areas of the country as possible to help startups through their initial hurdles and to promote entrepreneurship all across the country. SEED however focuses mainly on Social Entrepreneurship as is evident from all of our ventures and initiatives that are based on one core belief – create a strong social impact. Hence, business ideas with the potential of having a social impact are encouraged and promoted by SEED.

With the launch of our incubation centre in Karachi at the strategic location, Zamzama, we are taking this forward to other major cities of Pakistan very soon. For updates, check the website and our facebook page.



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